Company presentation

With an exceptional experience – more than 15 years in petrol stations and depot, service and procurement  business, together with top partners from Europe and USA, GEMINI MARKET company represent the best choice for developing any project in this segment.


PARTNERS FOR SUCCESS! – OUR NATURAL LOGO – represented at its best!


For us, the real values are the relationships between people – partnerships – where we have a common goal.

These values are more important  than economical and financial issues.

More than products and services, we deliver ideas and solutions.

We always innovate and this is a mission for us in order to sustain new ideas, valuable and strong.


Our PRODUCTION segment is our pride, and we proudly manage to design and build unique products on the Romanian market.

So, together with our partners, we manage to produce great equipment as:

- AIR/ AIR+WATER automatic and computerized dispenser
- Metallic cabinets for storage and sampling goods
- Metallic covers for under grounded tanks and loading bays
- Turn-key mobile station for Diesel,Gasoline and AdBlue retail
- Storage and delivery solution for fleets
- Any suitable idea can be realized – together with Design Company


Also, we have in our portfolio great collaborations for following:

- Accessories RIDART

- Flow meters and flow computers - TCS

- Loading/unloading pumps – EMHKAM

- Pneumatics – PCL, AIRTAC


- Seals, belts – SKF, GOOD YEAR

- Above/under grounded storage tanks

- Electric chargers for Electric cars


All of them and maybe others can be easily be at your disposal!


Good to know that for all external partners we have DIRECT collaborations, so you will have access to best prices and best sales assistance.

Also, we are available for any advising act, we will be more than happy to assist you to take the best decisions!


So, this is our business card and we are here to let you know that you can count on us for any challenge!


Best regards,

Gemini Market Team

Direct importer

importator direct geminii

Str. Trandafirilor 9,  Dobroesti, Ilfov